About Us

Financial Planning: Embracing My Passion

With over 15 years in financial planning, I’ve collaborated with both high net worth and mass affluent individuals, starting at top-tier accounting and banking firms and now in my own business. I’ve empowered hundreds to make savvy financial choices, building paths for a prosperous present and future.

I’m a proud CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, a testament to both my expertise and ethical commitment. As a member of the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA), I’m aligned with the nation’s top financial minds. My academic backgrounds include a Master’s in Applied Finance and a Bachelor’s in Computer and Biomedical Engineering.

Career Change: From Tech Consulting to Financial Planning

My career started in Technology Consulting after I completed my engineering degree. I was drawn to the fast-paced, work hard and play hard culture. 

But ultimately, I found my true passion in financial planning as I wanted to make a more direct and lasting impact on people lives. So, 6 years later, I moved into financial planning.

Finding balance: From Saver to Savvy Planner

At 16, my family and I moved from China to Australia. Growing up, my parents believed in living simply and saving diligently. I adopted their mindset, but soon questioned if they focused too much on saving and not enough on living.

Starting my consulting career, I got swept into the ‘work hard, play hard’ culture and its spending habits. Despite a decent salary, my financial growth felt stagnant. 

This personal experience taught me the importance of striking a balance between saving for tomorrow and enjoying today. It’s a lesson that drives my passion for financial planning.

The Bumpy Road: Lessons from My Investment Journey 

Jumping into investing in my 20s, I thought, “With two engineering degrees, how tough could this be?” I imagined striking gold with the right stocks.

The reality, however, proved different. Despite my thorough studies of the markets and taking notes from investing legends like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, I had my fair share of ups and downs. 

I didn’t really have a solid game plan I could stick to, and too often, I let the latest market buzz and my emotions get the better of me.

Bridging the Gap: From Knowledge to Action

In my financial planning journey, I noticed a trend: career success didn’t always equate to financial savvy. True financial prosperity relies less on intellect and more on consistent habits. 

The principles of financial planning seem straightforward, but consistent application is the real challenge. That’s where expert guidance proves invaluable, helping you turn financial insights into tangible results.

My Mission: Turning My Lessons into Your Financial Prosperity

Looking back, there’s so much I’d advise my younger self on about managing money for a more prosperous and fulfilling life. But since we can’t change the past, my goal now is to share those hard-earned lessons. 

My mission is to help you sidestep the pitfalls I encountered and steer you toward decisions that ensure financial security and peace of mind. Let’s maximize both your MONEY and TIME so you can live your BEST life.

Why ‘Maslow’ Wealth?

I named it ‘Maslow’ Wealth as a nod to American psychologist Abraham Maslow, the visionary behind Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. 

His theory stresses fulfilling basic needs first, paving the way for higher aspirations and self-actualization. I’m particularly inspired by his words: “What one can be, one must be.” 

In financial planning, this translates to establishing a stable foundation first. With essential financial needs met, you’re free to chase bigger dreams and goals. With ‘Maslow’ Wealth, we journey together, ensuring your finances fuel the fullest life possible.