A Race To The South Pole

A Race To The South Pole

A race to the South Pole

Do you keep delaying investing for your retirement as you wait for the kids to grow up, the mortgage to be paid off, or more time to become available?

I used to think and act this way until I stumbled upon a story that changed my perspective and taught me the importance of taking consistent action.

In 1911, two teams set out to be the first to reach the South Pole: the Norwegian team and the British team. Both teams were skilled and determined, but their approach to the journey was remarkably different.

The Norwegian team used a clear plan and daily routine. They travelled for a set number of hours each day, then set up camp to rest and refuel. This consistency allowed them to make steady progress towards their goal.

By contrast, the British team took a less consistent approach. When the weather conditions were bad, they would stop and rest; when the conditions were good, they would cover as much distance as possible. This made their progress towards the South Pole less consistent.

In the end, the Norwegian team reached the South Pole first. The British team arrived several weeks later, exhausted, and demoralized. The consistent approach of the Norwegian team was a key factor in their success.

Just like the Norwegian team, we can make steady progress with money by taking small and consistent steps, even in the face of challenging conditions.

Start today by setting your retirement goal and breaking it down into small amounts that you can invest each month. Doing this will give you clear direction and peace of mind about where you’re headed.