Adelaide Hills: A Money Lesson

Adelaide Hills: A Money Lesson

Growing up, I learned from my parents the value of simple living and diligent saving. But an afternoon in Adelaide Hills made me reconsider their approach.

Two decades ago, while on a tech project in Adelaide, I brought my parents over from Sydney for a weekend trip. We drove through the scenic Adelaide Hills, and by mid-afternoon, we were at the Summit.

Exhausted, I pointed to a café, suggesting a refreshing coffee with a view. But my frugal parents, then still prioritising paying off their mortgage and cautious about every expenditure, chose the comfort of homemade coffee over a café treat.

Their choice made me think, is it possible we sometimes prioritise saving too much, missing out on life’s joys?

While saving is commendable, it’s equally important to savour moments that create lasting memories. The trick is in finding the balance – setting aside funds for future goals while also enjoying the present.

Everyone’s balance may look different, but the principle remains.

I’m curious, how have you found your balance in financial decisions? And how did your upbringing influence it?