Can you relate to this…

Can you relate to this…

This is the last weekly email I’m sending this year. I’m grateful for being able to express my ideas to you this way and I hope some of them have been useful to you

I came to Australia exactly 30 years ago (as of yesterday). I was both excited and scared. I was just 16 and everything was new and a little intimidating. I missed my friends in China and had to understand a new language and get used to a different way of life.

For a long time, I was self-conscious of how I was different. And living in a multicultural Australia, it’s easy to notice our differences first, isn’t it?

Yet, my work as a financial planner over the past 15 years—talking with people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life about their money and life —has taught me something profound. Our stories might be unique, but our aspirations are often the same.

We all want to take care of our families, make sure we have enough for the future, and enjoy life now without too much worry about money.

I’ve seen firsthand how financial planning is more than just numbers; it’s a way to connect with people, understand their stories, and help them achieve their dreams.

This realisation made me feel connected to others on a much deeper level despite our differences. Perhaps it’s what many would call compassion.

As this year ends and we gather with our family and friends, let’s remember how similar we all are at heart.

Next year, let’s show even more compassion to each other!