Investment properties: NOT as SAFE as you might think

Investment properties: NOT as SAFE as you might think

The true story of property investment is not just about the headline-grabbing soaring prices from $X to $Y.

Before you rush into buying an investment property, consider the full picture.

Buying costs like stamp duty can be substantial from the get-go.

Then, the ongoing costs start to add up: strata fees for apartments, repairs and maintenance for houses, not to mention management fees, council rates, and land tax.

And when it’s time to sell? Agent commissions can take a significant bite out of your sale price.

Throughout ownership, interest expenses on mortgage (that are not offset by rent and tax refund) can accumulate considerably. With interest rates now above 6%, the negative cashflow can place significant stress on your finances.

These costs can make a serious dent in your return, but most people only focus on the property price growth, overestimating their real return. And don’t forget the price growth is not a sure bet, it requires good selection of location and long-term holding.

So, when you’re evaluating property investment, don’t just look at the headline-grabbing price growth.

Factor in all the above to assess if it is the right investment for you.