Massages or Mortgages? Why Not Both

Massages or Mortgages? Why Not Both

Ever hesitated to treat yourself, thinking it’s too extravagant?

I used to see massages as a luxury. However, when I crunched the numbers, it surprised me. A monthly $85 massage amounts to $1,020 annually. With a health fund rebate, it might only cost around $600 – not far from what you’d spend on car registration.

Even without rebates, setting aside just $20 each week gives you 12 massages every year. Suddenly, a perceived indulgence is quite attainable.

This method isn’t just for massages. Whether it’s dining out, weekend trips, special classes, or cultural events, it’s all about perspective:

Break It Down: Identify what you desire in your lifestyle.
Assign a Number: Research prices and calculate the annual cost.
Budget and Plan: Incorporate these figures into your spending plan.

You see, creating your dream life isn’t about having a windfall or a big salary. It’s about perspective, planning, and turning dreams into realistic figures.

Financial planning is not about limiting yourself; it’s about planning your expenses to enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow.