My confession: how I got it all wrong

My confession: how I got it all wrong

I have a confession to make, about how I got it all wrong.

Early in my financial planning career, I immersed myself in business news and economic predictions. I thought that by understanding every market twist and turn, I could help my clients stay ahead.

But as time went on, I noticed something: all our complex analysis didn’t always lead to better results.

In fact, it often just caused confusion and made it harder to make any decisions at all. My expertise seemed impressive, but it wasn’t helping my clients progress towards their real goals.

The turning point came when I decided to strip things back and shift the focus from Economic data to my clients’ psychology and behaviour.

I discovered that the best results weren’t based on making predictions but rather came from sticking to a few key basics: saving regularly, spreading investments around, and keeping to a well-thought-out plan, even when the market got noisy.

This approach didn’t just make sense on paper; it made a real difference in my clients’ financial lives. And it taught me a valuable lesson: when it comes to investing, less is more.

Now, I share this lesson not to diminish the value of economic literacy, but in the hope to simplify your investment journey by focusing on what really matters.