Passive or Active…

It’s the investment world’s biggest head-to-head contest.

But here’s the twist—when it comes to long-term growth, this match might not be as important as you think.

In simple terms, active investors attempt to outperform the returns of a general market, whereas passive investors accept the market return by tracking a specific index.

While both sides have strong arguments, I think the debate misses a crucial point from an investor’s perspective.

In the end, your investment style will NOT be the deciding factor of your investing success.

Think about it like this: Arguing over free weights vs. machines in the gym is pointless if you’re not exercising regularly. What matters most is establishing a consistent routine, not the equipment you use.

Instead of obsessing about the ‘perfect’ investment style, which might only affect your returns by a margin over the long term, let’s focus on getting started.

Many are not saving enough to invest or are afraid of losing it all. Those who do take the plunge often lack a plan, choosing to dabble rather than commit.

As a result, they miss out on the compound growth that come from the stock markets’ long-term average return of about 10% p.a.

So, the conversation needs to shift—from which investment style to use, to how to get started and invest regularly.

Remember, your financial success hinges more on your commitment to regular saving and investing than on the investment style you use.