Skip 2024 Predictions: Plan Instead

Skip 2024 Predictions: Plan Instead

Have you been reading about predictions on the economy and markets in 2024?

A lot to worry about, isn’t it?

From situations in Ukraine and the Middle East, China’s property crisis to the big question of interest rates. Plus, everyone’s eyes are on the presidential election in the US.

But let’s be real, these predictions are mostly a miss.

Back in late 2022, a CNBC poll of wealthy investors found a majority expected the US stock market would lose at least 10% in the following 12 months.

As it turned out the S&P500 gained 26% in 2023!

What I’ve learned is this: rather than getting caught up in all these predictions, it’s better to focus on your own financial plan, getting clear with where you want to go and how to get there.

And honestly, unless someone can tell us the news before it happens, none of us can really predict what’s next.

So, make 2024 the year you ignore the noises and keep on executing your own plan.

Not only will you get better results, you will also stress less and have more peace of mind!