Tech Stocks: The Magnificent 7

Tech Stocks: The Magnificent 7

The ‘Magnificent 7’ stocks soared nearly 14% on average SO FAR this year following some stellar returns in 2023!

They include big names like Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Tesla and Meta.

Before you feel left out, know that these same stocks were hit hard in 2022, with returns ranging between -65% to -26%.

Time and again, this shows diversification isn’t just a strategy; it’s a safety net.

It’s how we protect ourselves from the market’s mood swings.

While it’s tempting to chase the high-flyers for their stellar returns, balance is key.

Should you expect continued outperformance from the Magnificent 7?

History shows that as companies become behemoths of the market, their explosive growth often slows.

So, when you think about where to invest next, remember it’s not just about picking the winners but spreading your bets to stay in the game, regardless of who’s leading the pack.

It’s about planning for a future where any company could take the lead.