The Devil Is Not As Scary As You Feared

The Devil Is Not As Scary As You Feared

It’s not the devil we’re afraid of; it’s the not knowing that really scares us.

Have you ever felt anxious about this hazy, far-off time called retirement? How much do I need? When can I ever stop working? Am I doing enough?

These questions are just too hard to answer, and we keep pushing them to the back of our minds whenever they surface.

But believe it or not, dealing with these worries head-on can make the anxiety go away.

Understanding where we’re headed, our options, and their outcomes is empowering.

It shifts the focus from worrying to finding ways to improve our financial situation.

It saves us from getting a reality check in 10 to 15 years’ time when we end up somewhere we don’t want to be.

Taking a hard look at our retirement plans isn’t about scaring ourselves.

It’s about turning the unknown into a well-lit path we can follow with confidence.