The Real Cost of my Lottery Dream

The Real Cost of my Lottery Dream

I haven’t bought a lottery ticket in decades. Yet, a couple of weeks ago, the $200 million lottery draw’s temptation was too strong to ignore, and I gave in to buying one. Predictably, I didn’t win 🙁

The fleeting excitement and daydreams of ‘what if’ faded quickly after the draw.

Deep down, I knew the odds were slim, like finding one grain of sand on a beach.

But my emotional side casually dismissed the expense: ‘It’s just a few dollars’.

But it’s this very mindset that can be dangerous—overlooking small expenses because they seem harmless.

Benjamin Franklin wisely cautioned, ‘Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship’. ⚓️

Let’s be mindful of small expenses as they can add up, potentially undermining our financial security over time.