The True Cost of Your Spending: Your Time

The True Cost of Your Spending: Your Time

Have you ever thought of your spending habits through the lens of TIME?

Bad spending habits are poor uses of our time. If you earn $200,000 a year, you work for an hour to earn $100. If you buy something for $1,000, you need to work 10 hours to fund that purchase. 

I’m not saying buying material things is bad. Buy that thing if you really want it. 

The point is – Think about how the purchases you make impact your finite supply of time.

Are you okay with spending a significant amount of your life doing something you might not want to do to pay for things you purchased in the past?

We all value time and money differently. Only you can answer this question for yourself.

When you spend with purpose, you can begin to take control of your cash flow and break the bad spending habits.

So, what’s your spending plan?