What is the REAL risk?

What is the REAL risk?

How time flies – its December again! Looking back, what a year it has been for investors.

First we saw the fastest market decline on record in March (a 32% drop). Then it was followed by a remarkable recovery, in fact, the fastest recovery on record!

As of yesterday, the US market (S&P500) is up 12% year to date. Our local market (ASX200) has almost made up all the lost ground (down only 1% year to date).

This was certainly a roller-coaster ride and can be too much to take for many people. And let’s not forget this pandemic is far from over and there is still a lot of uncertainty about the economy going forward.

While investing means taking risks, not investing means taking risks too.

 We often forget another risk which is much more REAL and INSIDIOUS and affecting us all, especially in the current environment.

Find out more in this video.

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