Why shares will keep rising…

Why shares will keep rising…

I once chatted with a PhD student in biological science about how science and innovation drive economic growth. She said something I’ll never forget: ” I think we’ve seen all the big leaps in science and tech.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could someone at the forefront of research feel that our best innovations were behind us?

Then I realised it’s easy to overlook the significance of incremental advancements when they’re part of our everyday lives. But these are the very things that, over time, become historic turning points.

I remember explaining to my daughter how, once upon a time, phones had cords and screens didn’t exist. The surprise on her face reminded me that what seems ordinary to us now will one day be the next big leap in future generations’ history book.

And that’s why I’m an optimist when it comes to investing. It’s not just about numbers and charts—it’s about investing in human potential to create better futures.